Image courtesy of  John Hope

Image courtesy of John Hope

In the time I've been doing this great job I've observed things, been asked things and had a few lightbulb moments, which, I think may help you.  It is a little "random" but should make sense!  This isn't a definitive list of answers or advice, I've tried to keep things brief but I talk about things at greater length in my blog

Why should I book a professional makeup artist? I can do my own really well!

A lot of ladies are highly proficient in applying their makeup day to day so understandably this is a fair question.  What we professionals can offer that isn't visible immediately (although you'll look utterly fabulous) are the following....

  • a steady calm hand on a morning of heightened emotions when yours may be shaking
  • a kit bag full of the perfect products and brushes that would cost you a fortune to buy and that you probably wouldn't use again
  • flawless makeup that is going to look good all day long (and for the evening)
  • an understanding of what products work when you're subjected to flash photography so you don't turn into a ghost on those professional images
  • we give you that intangible inner confidence which will be the most important thing you'll wear that day.

Don't worry about choosing a 'theme' for your look, if you are looking for something era specific, then of course this can be taken into consideration.  Bridal makeup should polish and perfect, making you the best version of yourself.  Your partner doesn't want to be faced by a stranger on your wedding day, neither do you want to see a stranger gazing back at you on your photographs.

Try and plan in at least 10 minutes of 'you' time on your wedding morning during your preparations.  If on a very tight timescale, this could be time with me and the door shut on the rest of the world.  I'll happily leave you with your thoughts if you wish whilst I work my magic.  It is such a special day that passes by so quickly and just drawing a big deep breath and calming yourself lets you step into the day ready to fully experience it and remember it.

Be prepared, this doesn't just apply to Brownies!  A needle and thread, a spare lippy, plasters, safety pins, paracetamol or indeed anything else you might need in a little emergency bag.  Sods law dictates that if you've got it you won't need it so why not play "sod" at his own game and err on the side of caution.