Why I would hire a professional...

I love my job, I really do and being able to be creative on a daily basis really makes my soul sing.  On my own wedding day however, this could not be any further from reality!

We are of course, talking hypothetically here, but I am asked an awful lot 'would you do your own make up on your wedding day'?

The answer is a big hell NO! Here's why and I think you'll agree too;

  • We all love a little Prosecco or an aperitif whilst we are getting ready (I know I do!), so why would you want to be holding a make up brush for yourself or your bridal party.
  • The responsibility of applying eye liner with an slightly nervous hand or after aforementioned Prosecco, not ideal.
  • Gladly passing the responsibility of getting everything absolutely perfect to someone else.
  • Spending weeks and months planing, thinking, constantly being switched on, you can be immersed in the wedding morning celebrations, which is all part of the day and for you not to be distracted with 'will my make up go right'?
  • Spending quality time with your family and close friends during the preparations.
  • Not being distracted with getting other's ready, I know what I am like, I'm happy to help others at the expense of my own quality getting ready time.
  • Friends are helpful but essentially they would also like to get ready themselves rather than be around for any last minute tweaking before the ceremony, unlike a hired professional, who I'm sure would be happy to stay until you leave.
  • Having the time to enjoy the relaxation of having your make up applied and hair styled.

I'll let you into a little story....

One thing that my sister and I massively regret following her wedding, which is almost 5 years ago now, is that I was her Wedding Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist, I was not the Sister and Maid of Honour for Nicola.  

No breakfast together (other than a croissant on the go), no clinking of glasses of fizz, no sharing stories and generally not really being able to enjoy each other's company, I love my sister very much and she is my best friend in the whole world and not doing those things still makes me a little sad.

Of course, I wanted to do make up and hair for my Sister, making sure everyone was picture perfect for the day and to reassure her that everything was in hand, but I did not stop from 7.30am until 1.30pm until we left for the ceremony.  Now, I love a timeline and everyone was ready, but I seemed to have only managed a short 20 minutes to do my own make up and hair just before we left for the ceremony.  Spending time getting everyone ready I couldn't be the Maid of Honour and help Nicola with last minute things she had to organise, so she could relax and chill out, no, I was the professional and had a job to do.

Emotion hit me as the ceremony began and I was then, the Sister watching my 'ickle sis get married and no longer in 'work mode', so yes, I sobbed like a baby in front of over 100 wedding guests...not one of my finest moments (thank goodness for waterproof mascara).

I think you would agree that I want to be the girl sat with a glass of fizz in her hand, on her 'lily pad' (a term I use a lot to my brides) absorbing every little bit of the wedding morning, spending time with my family and friends and not worrying if I need more blush and will my hair stay in place.

So no, I wouldn't do my own Make-Up and Hair on my own Wedding Day and neither should you.

Until next time!

Victoria x